Project 8 Activity Log

The finished Graphite Drawing is attached.


Project 8 Resources

I still find it amazing that I have gone the entire year so far without doing a legit Portrait work and nothing else.  This is my first portrait of the year, of course in order to do portraits I tend to draw better when the model is someone whom I care deeply for.  Last year I drew My best friend Josh, and my brother Mitch.  For this Portrait I could think of no one other than my amazing girlfriend Lindsey.  I used one picture for a resource.  It is attached. 

Project 7 Activity Log

My activity Logs serve the single purpose to show you the completed work, the finished project is attached.

Project 7 Resources

For my 7th project I chose the topic of immigration.  Naturally I asked myself how can I incorporate Cars/trucks into this piece.  I figured this could be the perfect opportunity to draw an Old Ford Bronco tricked out with big tires, a custom blackout grille, rollcage, big custom headlights, and of course the US Border Patrol paint job.  For this project I used two resource pics.  simply because I only needed 2.  1 for the Bronco itself, and 1 for the paint scheme.  The Resource pics are attached.  (oh also I am drawing this in Prismacolour.)

Project 6 resources

Recently I went on my 19th trip to lake powell.  Just like last year, this year again I went on the boys fishing trip to the lake for 3 days.  besides catching 11 fish and having a great time I took a few stunning pictures.  the most amazing part is that i took them on my blackberry curve which has a surprisingly good camera.  I settled on one picture of the sunset on the rocks reflecting back into friendship canyon.  the piture that i considered and a few other resources that I used are attached. 

Project 5 Activity Log

The Finished Work is attached. 

Project 5 Resources

while on vacation in lake powell with family and friends last june I took a few pics of my dog Frisco.  He was playing with a stick in the sand under the shade of a few plants on the beach.  We camped back in friendship canyon, which is 3 canyons west of dangling rope marina (the water locked marina halfway up river).  Friendship Canyon has great beaches, good sun/wind protection, and great fishing.  this is the 4th time in the last 5 years we have camped there.  Frisco is a fun dog, and he has a funny personality.  we nicknamed him “funny monkey” (he kinda looks like a monkey).  he is a chesapeake bay retriever, so he loves to swim and fetch and do anything athletic.  he is an incredible jumper.  he can jump a good 12-15 feet out over the water before he splashes down and begins swimming.  I cropped the picture a few times the resurce pics are attached.

Project 4 Resources

For my fourth project i have selected Foreshortening/Perspective drawing.  I took photos of my truck, and Preston Mill’s Mustang.  I decided to use my truck, i foreshortened the actuall vehicle and overlaid it onto another picture taken of cental avenue facing south, which gives a perspective feeling.  I intend to use graphite, and paper stumps for this project.  The resource pictures are attached. 

Project 3 Activity Log

This Project, was hard, it took forever, and took 2 weeks.  It came out well.  In this project i used pencils ranging from 3B-4H.  The wide spectrum of graphite allowed for extensive shading.  Paper stump smudge sticks were also used alot.  By far the hardest part of this project was the background.  the crowd in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu was so out of focus the values were very hard to sketch.  It ended up looking decent.  Passion being the guideline for this project, the exstatic celebration after a goal is the embodyment of such emotion.  The title ofmy work is “How would it feel to be a Real Madrid Superstar.  the finished work is attached.

Project 3 Continued Resources

Pictures of me which i manipulated in photoshow in order to form with the original Real Madrid Jersey

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