Last Week my sketchbook was stolen halfway through the week.  Luckily i had only been working on my contour project for one day.  I however lose all of my contour warm-ups, luckily i had digital copies of all of the good ones.  For my contour project I contoured James’ Niehues Copper Mountain.  This proect turned out to very time consuming.  Niehues has an associate that takes the picture of the mountain from a plane or helicopter and then he combines his rendering with the digital copy creating a very realistic, proportional yet informational rendering of the mountain with his own artistic touch.  he then works with the ski resort to put in the names of the ski runs and trails.  in the end the finished product is top notch.  

what i am doing will be much more artistic, less proportional and less realistic due to the fact that i am not combining anything.   I am contouring the mountain, tree lines, and sketching in some trees, and shadowing.  the contouring is extremely difficult due to the fact that i have to keep it proportional, yet still contour.   

Due to a hard drive crash on thursday night, all of my pictures were wiped out, i do have a picture of how far i got after 3 days of work.


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