Glass Project Finished

Last Friday I managed to finish my glass project, amazingly in two days.  lucky for me because this week i was sick with swine flu and out of school from monday to wednesday.  In addition to what I planned on doing on the project I added even more glass.  I though it needed more so I looked up some pictures of shattered glass on the internet and then sketch’d the watch face in the cent with semi-shattered glass all around it.  the finished product turned out really cool.  even though there seems to be no point to this work, it was fun and relaxing to draw and I needed a break and a slowed down pace for a while.  next project I plan on going all out on again.  my favorite part of this project was the sense of accomplishment and the fact that i was able to finish in only two days and i got it done in class.  the mustang project took me two weeks and Copper mountain isn’t even half done, but this one was good.  I realized that I draw best what means the most to me, and I was focusing more on deadlines and my busy schedule and wordpress than my art.  hopefully this will lead to better quality and focus on my part. 

The finished product is attached


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