Industrial Project Finished

This project, although probably the most time consuming and mundane of all works to date, was rewarding to me.  ever since the 2nd grade I drew cars in class and at home and in my spare time.  my third grade teacher who now teaches my youngest brother still has a Chevrolet Avalanche I drew for her.  I got better over the years and even sophomore year when I basically had drawn every type of car I knew I stopped.  Not until Last may did I start back up.  Over the summer I drew some 50 vehicles, each one different.  I wanted to Draw the Evolution of the ford mustang, but I knew that I would never have enough time, and now I finally did it.  it feels so good to be done and have this accomplished, I didn’t particurlarly have fun drawing it, but it turned out great.  I messed up on the proportions of the 1977 mustang but all the others were good.  I actually ran out of room on the page and had to tape on another 6 inches.  it still seems to be missing something, I contemplated putting a timeline and/or a road but I decided on it. 

The Final Version to date is attached. 


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