Texture Activity Log

sorry about the glare, prismacolour is weird

sorry about the glare, prismacolour is weird

This project makes me feel a couple of things:

1.  Stupid — I drew an amazing picture of a jersey and then ruined it by going over it in prismacolour. 

2. Incompetent — I failed at my first real attempt this year at prismacolour. 

3. Dissapointed — I hoped for more than i did in this drawing and it makes me mad when I don’t live up to my own expectations. 

this project was a bad idea because I was a motionless Jersey, Unfortunetely I lost over 1000 picture I took for photography last year.  I got some really great action shots of when ASU played Georgia.  Thanks Dad for the Great season ticket seats!  My hardrive crashed and I forgot my external didn’t have my pictures on it.  all my artwork done on my computer and my Photographs are gone.  It sucks more than anything else.  to top that all of i drew a great pencil sketch of My Jersy and then Prismacoloured it up and ruined it.  My shadowing was some of the best I have ever done.  I have been very focused on StuCo lately and I am very tired.  I even took a nap today.  Art is supposed to be my strong point and I am not doing as well as i should be.  im getting off point.  This Project was a decent job by me but it was better in graphite.  the finished product is attached below.  

PS: My prisma colour set didn’t have either maroon or zephyr gold (orangish yellow) I had to find some of mrs. cronin’s pencil nubs but they worked.


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