Portrait Activity Log

AP studio art 005The Sean Connery picture is just badass, I hadn’t drawn a portrait in a couple months and I still thought i could pull it off.  I took three days pulling my hair out and stuggling with the shading and getting it perfect.  after two and a half days I asked for Mrs. Cronins help.  Instead of help I was informed that we weren’t allowed to use other famous works, or pictures that we didn’t take or were before our time.  Not only did I most literally slaughter the picture of Connery but I had to switch to a more personal subject.  later that night i asked my friend Josh Stafford for permision to use his picture, he obliged and i was back in buisiness.  it took a while but eventually i shook off the rust and got back in my groove of portraits.  I still feel like it wasn’t my best but overall i was pleased with my work and much happier than the last assignment.  i haven’t shown josh the picture yet but im pretty sure he’s going to like it.  Overall portraits are my thing, but I still feel like i need more practice and lessons on it before I reach my full potential.  the finished product is attached.


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