Portrait Resources

Portrait Drawing is without a doubt one of my favorite things to do.  in reality I always thought I was horrible at drawing people until freshman year in Mrs. Cronin’s 2d art drawing class.  She tought me how to draw people and being one of 2 freshman in a class of mainly upperclassmen I was very pleased to be one of the most talented in the class when it came to portraits.  Sophomore year, after being denied AP studio Art because i was too young, I decided to broaden my horizons and I took photo one and print making.  i eagerly signed up for AP in the spring of sophomore year.  I had no idea that an advanced drawing class existed, otherwise i would have taken that and not printmaking.  Throughout my sophomore year and summers, I drew portraits of my friends for fun but never really added to my skills.  For this portrait drawing I decided to draw Sean Connery, in his thirties when he was 007.  I will explain the out come of this portrait in my activity log later.  My second choice used with his permision was a pre-homecoming picture from last year of one of my best friends Josh Stafford.  he had struck a pretty good pose and when i asked him if i could use it he was honored.  this assignment was harder than i assumed it would be on the resouce side of things due to the fact that we aren’t allowed to use famous pictures, or pictures we didn’t take.  The priliminary pictures i used are attached. 


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