In-Situ Activity Log

Going in to this project i wanted to get it done, get it done fast, and get it done well.  It took me only 20 minutes to draw it, I drew a fairly good portrait, and It felt really good to get it done.  My little brother complained when he saw the finished product, but he shut up when I asked for him to draw a portrait of me.  My mom was suprisingly hypocritical, of both my photography and Drawing.  she is a semi-professional photographer.  DSLR, SLR, and she mainly does professional looking christmas cards for friends.  not exactly Mr. Mulloy status, but worth listening to.  I liked my first portrait better, even though it was harder, and longer to do i felt more accoplished by completing it.  This one was more of a relief to have everything in before mid-term.  which reminds me i still have to work on my incomplete first project which is highly complex.  the finished product is attached.  P1010069


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