InSitu Resources

For the first time since my hard drive crashed earlier this year, I have a decent amount of picutres in on my computer.  I finally have some good material that I took, that I can use for drawing.  I took pictures of the ASU-Oregon State football game a couple weeks ago, and got a couple good in-situ shots of my little brother mitch climbing the hill into the stadium. using digital zoom i was able to get a good vantage point for a portrait.  I was feeling like i wanted to just get it done, and done fast.  I always regret n0ot backing up my pictures on my backup hardrive.  I lost close to 2 years worth of photo work, electronic drawings, logo’s , doodles, designs, and memories.  it really sucks.  in addition to this, I need to use my own work for portraits.  even though I felt like i was more than capable to do well on this assignment it only brought up dissapointment.  the pictures are attached.  Colorado-ASU vs OSU 133Colorado-ASU vs OSU 139


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