Cityscape resources

Mr. Mcshane assigned a group project where each group had to visit a place that they were not nesscesarily welcome, and that wasn’t know to them.  the purpose was to simulate a travel narrative.  our group took video and pictures along the way to our destination: The Stockyards.  The stockyards is a formal steakhouse at washington and 50th street. unfortunetely none of us were dressed for the occasion.  we rode our bikes from brophy all the way down the canal to the resturant. pretty much wearing our blue-out apparel.  we got many great pictures and we made a great video out of the project.  Mr. Mcshane however didn’t watch our video all the way through and was’nt being fair about it.  I will attach the link to the video.  I had a couple pictures that were awesome, but unfortunetely they were overexposed, and unsaveable.  this is ust one of the many problems with my broken screen on my digital camera.  I settled for another of my pictures; it is the front sign by the street.  it was around 5:00 when i took the piture so i was taking it facing the setting sun.  Luckily it came out in decent exposure.  this picture could almost pass for exterior perspective.  in fact now that i think of it i might use this work instead of me drawing another.  anyways the photo is attached.  Journey-Lake Powell 085


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