Cityscape Activity Log

although i made a great drawing, it took forever and was tedious sometimes boring, and hard work.  I am proud of the finished product, but it took a lot of work to accomplish.  I was not passionate for the subject matter, it merely described a good memory with good friends.  the most difficult part of the project was the shadowing and the rock texture.  the sign was landscaped with rocks and palm trees.  it was difficult to give the correct shading and texture of millions of little rocks.  in short i basically used pointalism with a pencil.  it turned out pretty cool but it made my hand sore.  almost as bad as finals essays.  i did decide to make this project my exterior perspective drawing and i will choose a new subject for this drawing.  because i have already used the city scape name for the online posts i will call my new drawing exterior perspective but it really is my parkscape.  I ended up submitting this piece for the art extravaganza.  it seemed like a lot of the Dads liked this piece.  So in the long run, this piece was pretty good, just really tedious. 


this is the finished product.


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