Contour Activity Log

after 3 months of working hard on this project on my spare days, i think i put around 31/2 weeks worth of classwork into this single project.  this was my first project, and it will be my second to last also.  its ironic that i started the project when the golf course and the pond was open for fishing, and the mountain was open for mountainbiking.  and now when i am finishing it the mountain has been open for skiing for 3 weeks, with a 30” base.  the pond is open for ice skating, and the golf course is now a field of snow.  summer and winter i love this mountian.  Copper Mountian is fairly young, being opened in the 1970’s, for a ski resort.  Copper is great, they have a mining history that dates back to the 1870’s, they are a great mountain to lear to ski on, the mountain is naturally built for it.  the northwest side of the mountai is primarily green runs, the middle is a mainly blue, with greens and blacks blenidng in on thier respectable sides.  the south east side is primarily blacks with some double blacks on the Far east end.  copper is a huge mountain, the higher you go the harder it gets.  they have 6 alpine bowls, 4 of them are primarily double black with single black mixed in.  copper is also very family friendly, with one of the best ski-schools in the state.  they also offer very affordable prices for the amount of perks you get.  copper is also the only resort in colorado to offer bee-line lift tickets for a little more dough you can beat the lift lines, wich aren’t that bad at copper anyways.  before copper our family and friends always had a yearly ski trip we go on, the tradition is 30+ years strong.  we would switch mountains every year and get really cool experiences.  this year will be our seventh consecutive at copper.  its kinda weird that i have been there since i was 10.  my own family(brothers and mom and dad) have been going to the same area (summit county colorado) for the last 5 summers, so we get the privelege to visit in the summer too.  this is my favorite place in the state of colorado, and one of my favorites in the world.  i really feel like this particular drawing is one of my best, and i did an exceptional job on it.   the finished product is attached. 


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