Project 5 Resources

while on vacation in lake powell with family and friends last june I took a few pics of my dog Frisco.  He was playing with a stick in the sand under the shade of a few plants on the beach.  We camped back in friendship canyon, which is 3 canyons west of dangling rope marina (the water locked marina halfway up river).  Friendship Canyon has great beaches, good sun/wind protection, and great fishing.  this is the 4th time in the last 5 years we have camped there.  Frisco is a fun dog, and he has a funny personality.  we nicknamed him “funny monkey” (he kinda looks like a monkey).  he is a chesapeake bay retriever, so he loves to swim and fetch and do anything athletic.  he is an incredible jumper.  he can jump a good 12-15 feet out over the water before he splashes down and begins swimming.  I cropped the picture a few times the resurce pics are attached.


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