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Project 8 Activity Log

The finished Graphite Drawing is attached.


Project 7 Activity Log

My activity Logs serve the single purpose to show you the completed work, the finished project is attached.

Project 5 Activity Log

The Finished Work is attached. 

Project 3 Activity Log

This Project, was hard, it took forever, and took 2 weeks.  It came out well.  In this project i used pencils ranging from 3B-4H.  The wide spectrum of graphite allowed for extensive shading.  Paper stump smudge sticks were also used alot.  By far the hardest part of this project was the background.  the crowd in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu was so out of focus the values were very hard to sketch.  It ended up looking decent.  Passion being the guideline for this project, the exstatic celebration after a goal is the embodyment of such emotion.  The title ofmy work is “How would it feel to be a Real Madrid Superstar.  the finished work is attached.

Project 2 Activity Log

The Final Product.  After almost a week of Artist’s block and no good ideas coming to me inspiration struck.  After Friday in class and an afternoon of working over the long weekend I finished, and i was quite pleased.  I began the work by sketching the outline lightly in graphite, and i had that completed after an hour and a half.  i worked slowly on this project, it took me nearly 4 hours to draw.  after the graphite was down i began to prisma coulour the bright blue and white accents and highlights to the shoe.  I then began the to do the same to the Nike Vapor Football boot.  the black mesh texture was hard to draw, but the end effect was pretty satisfying.  this project was surprisingly easy and turned out pretty well.  the pic is attached 

Activity Log Project 2

the pictures attached are of my piece after one day’s work

Contour Activity Log

after 3 months of working hard on this project on my spare days, i think i put around 31/2 weeks worth of classwork into this single project.  this was my first project, and it will be my second to last also.  its ironic that i started the project when the golf course and the pond was open for fishing, and the mountain was open for mountainbiking.  and now when i am finishing it the mountain has been open for skiing for 3 weeks, with a 30” base.  the pond is open for ice skating, and the golf course is now a field of snow.  summer and winter i love this mountian.  Copper Mountian is fairly young, being opened in the 1970’s, for a ski resort.  Copper is great, they have a mining history that dates back to the 1870’s, they are a great mountain to lear to ski on, the mountain is naturally built for it.  the northwest side of the mountai is primarily green runs, the middle is a mainly blue, with greens and blacks blenidng in on thier respectable sides.  the south east side is primarily blacks with some double blacks on the Far east end.  copper is a huge mountain, the higher you go the harder it gets.  they have 6 alpine bowls, 4 of them are primarily double black with single black mixed in.  copper is also very family friendly, with one of the best ski-schools in the state.  they also offer very affordable prices for the amount of perks you get.  copper is also the only resort in colorado to offer bee-line lift tickets for a little more dough you can beat the lift lines, wich aren’t that bad at copper anyways.  before copper our family and friends always had a yearly ski trip we go on, the tradition is 30+ years strong.  we would switch mountains every year and get really cool experiences.  this year will be our seventh consecutive at copper.  its kinda weird that i have been there since i was 10.  my own family(brothers and mom and dad) have been going to the same area (summit county colorado) for the last 5 summers, so we get the privelege to visit in the summer too.  this is my favorite place in the state of colorado, and one of my favorites in the world.  i really feel like this particular drawing is one of my best, and i did an exceptional job on it.   the finished product is attached. 

Cityscape Activity Log

although i made a great drawing, it took forever and was tedious sometimes boring, and hard work.  I am proud of the finished product, but it took a lot of work to accomplish.  I was not passionate for the subject matter, it merely described a good memory with good friends.  the most difficult part of the project was the shadowing and the rock texture.  the sign was landscaped with rocks and palm trees.  it was difficult to give the correct shading and texture of millions of little rocks.  in short i basically used pointalism with a pencil.  it turned out pretty cool but it made my hand sore.  almost as bad as finals essays.  i did decide to make this project my exterior perspective drawing and i will choose a new subject for this drawing.  because i have already used the city scape name for the online posts i will call my new drawing exterior perspective but it really is my parkscape.  I ended up submitting this piece for the art extravaganza.  it seemed like a lot of the Dads liked this piece.  So in the long run, this piece was pretty good, just really tedious. 


this is the finished product.

In-Situ Activity Log

Going in to this project i wanted to get it done, get it done fast, and get it done well.  It took me only 20 minutes to draw it, I drew a fairly good portrait, and It felt really good to get it done.  My little brother complained when he saw the finished product, but he shut up when I asked for him to draw a portrait of me.  My mom was suprisingly hypocritical, of both my photography and Drawing.  she is a semi-professional photographer.  DSLR, SLR, and she mainly does professional looking christmas cards for friends.  not exactly Mr. Mulloy status, but worth listening to.  I liked my first portrait better, even though it was harder, and longer to do i felt more accoplished by completing it.  This one was more of a relief to have everything in before mid-term.  which reminds me i still have to work on my incomplete first project which is highly complex.  the finished product is attached.  P1010069

Portrait Activity Log

AP studio art 005The Sean Connery picture is just badass, I hadn’t drawn a portrait in a couple months and I still thought i could pull it off.  I took three days pulling my hair out and stuggling with the shading and getting it perfect.  after two and a half days I asked for Mrs. Cronins help.  Instead of help I was informed that we weren’t allowed to use other famous works, or pictures that we didn’t take or were before our time.  Not only did I most literally slaughter the picture of Connery but I had to switch to a more personal subject.  later that night i asked my friend Josh Stafford for permision to use his picture, he obliged and i was back in buisiness.  it took a while but eventually i shook off the rust and got back in my groove of portraits.  I still feel like it wasn’t my best but overall i was pleased with my work and much happier than the last assignment.  i haven’t shown josh the picture yet but im pretty sure he’s going to like it.  Overall portraits are my thing, but I still feel like i need more practice and lessons on it before I reach my full potential.  the finished product is attached.

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