Project 2 Activity Log

The Final Product.  After almost a week of Artist’s block and no good ideas coming to me inspiration struck.  After Friday in class and an afternoon of working over the long weekend I finished, and i was quite pleased.  I began the work by sketching the outline lightly in graphite, and i had that completed after an hour and a half.  i worked slowly on this project, it took me nearly 4 hours to draw.  after the graphite was down i began to prisma coulour the bright blue and white accents and highlights to the shoe.  I then began the to do the same to the Nike Vapor Football boot.  the black mesh texture was hard to draw, but the end effect was pretty satisfying.  this project was surprisingly easy and turned out pretty well.  the pic is attached 


Project 2 Resources

Project 2 was started on thursday of this week for me.  Mr. Nelson shot down a great idea for passion, but i will find a way to incorporate it late in my next piece.  so i changed my subject from passion to Push/Pull.  I took pics of my nike DUal FUsion shoes and i faded the back of them to Nike Vapor VI soccer boots of the same colour.  the end result was a badass Vapor-Fusion Hybrid shoe which i did in prismacolour on black paperstock.  it is sick.  the resource pics are attached. check em out

Activity Log Project 2

the pictures attached are of my piece after one day’s work

Project 3 Resources

PASSION.  the first thing that came to my mind when I read down the list was this one.  not only because it actually was #1 on the list but because it is a nice broad subject.  that being stated the first thing that came to my mind when i thought of passion is that of which a footballer exemplifies after he puts the ball through the net.  after extensive research and a few digital drafts i found a perfect picture which i intend to execute in graphite, while using selective colour on the jersey.  Cristiano Ronaldo may be the best player in the world now, amongs Messi, Villa, Casillas, and others.  the very best of my thoughts and research are attached.

Resources Project 1

In order to fill the negative space around my figure i am connecting flames and smoke to a hellish cave encapsulating me as a sundevil fan. I took inspiration from mr. neson but i take visual inspiration from my pictures over the summer from colorado.  i am taking a few pictures from my crystal peak hike to the summit in late july.  i came across an old mineshaft and railway entrance to the silver mine.  plenty of rocks and boulders are around and i can use them for a cave wall along with wood support beams.  i also am using the new ASU black football jersey as a lower half of my attire. 

the detailed pics are attached.

Project 1 Resources

For My first project I looked at a few different ideas.  In the end i rounded it down to two main drafts.  integrating a spiritual aspect into it or a spirited aspect into it.  Spiritual being in realtion to prayer and Kairos, whereas Spirited being in relation to Cheering section, School spirit, fanhood ect…

I took pictures for both, but in the end decided that School spirit was a better starting point and that i can get deeper later on in the year.  My School spirit has two parts; Brophy, and ASU.  I chose ASU for this specific assignment.  In the end the reason i chose ASU over Brophy was quite simply because ASU has a hand symbol and BCP doesn’t.  ASU Students and Fans make a Pitchfork using thier hands, a picture is attached along with a few other resources.

ASU pitchfork Resource1

a good idea for my first project?


Sup, My name is Kevin Donley

some call me KDON. 

2nd year in AP Studio ART. 

Brophy is my passion, stuco

my favorite artists are Frank Lloyd Wright, Rockwell, and Nehues.

My 2010 AP portfolio

Kevin Donley

Description:  I will design new revolutionary jerseys, and uniforms for athletic teams, and clubs. 

Mediums: Graphite, Colored Pencils, and digital work. 


Thursday January 13th – First project

Wednesday January 21st – second project

Thursday January 28th – third project

 Thursday February 4th – fourth project

Thursday February 11th — Fifth Project

Friday February 26th – Sixth project

Friday March 5th – Seventh project

Friday March 12th – eighth Project

Friday March 26th – ninth project

Friday April 16th – tenth project

Friday April 23rd – eleventh project

Friday April 30th –twelfth project

Friday May 7th –  make up week

Contour Activity Log

after 3 months of working hard on this project on my spare days, i think i put around 31/2 weeks worth of classwork into this single project.  this was my first project, and it will be my second to last also.  its ironic that i started the project when the golf course and the pond was open for fishing, and the mountain was open for mountainbiking.  and now when i am finishing it the mountain has been open for skiing for 3 weeks, with a 30” base.  the pond is open for ice skating, and the golf course is now a field of snow.  summer and winter i love this mountian.  Copper Mountian is fairly young, being opened in the 1970’s, for a ski resort.  Copper is great, they have a mining history that dates back to the 1870’s, they are a great mountain to lear to ski on, the mountain is naturally built for it.  the northwest side of the mountai is primarily green runs, the middle is a mainly blue, with greens and blacks blenidng in on thier respectable sides.  the south east side is primarily blacks with some double blacks on the Far east end.  copper is a huge mountain, the higher you go the harder it gets.  they have 6 alpine bowls, 4 of them are primarily double black with single black mixed in.  copper is also very family friendly, with one of the best ski-schools in the state.  they also offer very affordable prices for the amount of perks you get.  copper is also the only resort in colorado to offer bee-line lift tickets for a little more dough you can beat the lift lines, wich aren’t that bad at copper anyways.  before copper our family and friends always had a yearly ski trip we go on, the tradition is 30+ years strong.  we would switch mountains every year and get really cool experiences.  this year will be our seventh consecutive at copper.  its kinda weird that i have been there since i was 10.  my own family(brothers and mom and dad) have been going to the same area (summit county colorado) for the last 5 summers, so we get the privelege to visit in the summer too.  this is my favorite place in the state of colorado, and one of my favorites in the world.  i really feel like this particular drawing is one of my best, and i did an exceptional job on it.   the finished product is attached. 

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